KeyScrambler Personal

Defeat keyloggers in an easy and effective way


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KeyScrambler is a very useful add-on for firefox, internet explorer, flock and other main browsers. If you use one of these browsers, KeyScrambler is a must have because it will defend your keystrokes against keyloggers.

We all know that privacy in internet is one of the things people are afraid and thanks to KeyScrambler you will skip any keylogger installed on your computer, so you'll have no risks. It protects your security passwords, log-ins and even the email messages you type on the internet.

Keyscrambler encrypts everything you type and decrypting it at the destination application, giving Keyloggers entirely indecipherable keys to record. That's the perfect solution for your privacy.

Finally, it works really well and seamlessly and it's compatible with other security programs and authentication methods. We highly recommend to install it, remember it's totally free.
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